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Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury, it’s an expectation of mobile consumers. With the ‘Rise of the Smartphone’, consumers want to stay connected at all times. Providing free Wi-Fi via one of our Social Powered Wi-fi Hotspots will generate real leads, build your email list, increase customer loyalty and engagement as well as improve your social media presence.

Google Trends indicates Wifi Interest is High

Social Wifi

Set up a social-powered Wi-Fi Hotspot that instantly generates new customers, increase your sales and grow your business. Use your custom branded log on the landing page to cater to your consumers, all while retargeting clients (and their friends) with Facebook Ads on the internet, after they leave your place of business. Your patrons will enjoy free Wi-Fi in exchange for connecting with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


Why should I choose to use a Virtual Explosion Social Wifi Hotspot?

  1. We are in business to help you stay in business. Anything that we do together, will promote goodwill to everyone involved, which includes happy customers and more profits for you, which in turn will lead to you referring us to all of your business aquaintenances.
  2. You can run promotions, right on the platform, as well as sponsorship opportunities for your business.
  3. You can even sell advertisements at the top or bottom of the landing page if you choose; set them to run only from 6-10pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, or whatever you want to do?

The opportunities are endless!

Social Powered Wifi brought to you from Virtual Explosion.

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Trends also show that Social Wifi is starting to get discovered.

Get More Facebook Likes

Getting a steady flow of new Facebook like on your business page has never been easier. There are hundreds of ways to set up your campaign, one of them being, the first thing someone sees after a successful one click login is a page asking them to like your Facebook page.

By getting more likes on your Facebook page and frequently posting promotions, sales, specials, pictures of happy clients, etc., these people that are already happy customers, will have the opportunity to share your posts with all of their friends!

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Social Media Marketing

Amongst the many ways that this “NEW” Wi-Fi platform can help boost your business, here are just a few ideas that can be implemented.

  1. Lead Generation: Turn your Free Wi-Fi into and automated lead generating machine.
  2. Design a Customized Landing: That reflects your business, brand and customer.
  3. Bandwidth Controls: Set a limit on the amount of bandwidth used.
  4. In-Depth Analytics: Learn about your customers and frequency of visits.
  5. Loyalty Rewards: Give your loyal customers rewards at log in.
  6. “Blue Light Special”: Make an announcement for everyone in the store/restaurant/bar to login to your Free Wi-Fi and like your Facebook page, for a chance to win (we will be picking someone in the store to win 24 hot wings & a pitcher of beer, a Dewalt cordless drill, a gift certificate, or whatever you want to offer.)

Social Wi-Fi on iPhone

Digital Marketing

  • New and returning visitors will be automatically added to your email marketing database directly from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.
  • Not only will you capture your customers’ real email addresses, but also tap into the Facebook Social Graph (age, gender, hometown) to gather valuable demographic data while monitoring engagement in real-time.
  • Retarget your customers (and their friends) with Facebook ads and maximize your marketing opportunities.

Social Powered Wifi / Facebook Ads

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It’s Time To Turn Your Free Wi-Fi Into A High Powered Social Lead Generating Machine!

Our Social Powered Hotspot is the perfect solution for any business looking to offer a secure free Wi-Fi service to its customers in a user-friendly manner, while collecting valuable marketing data for future promotional retargeting campaigns resulting in increased engagement and customer loyalty.

Small Business and Lead Generation Meetup

SWFL Small Business / Lead Generation Meetup

Naples, FL
2 Lead Generating Machines

If you don’t already offer Free Wifi to your customers, you you will be doing so, very soon. This group will meet weekly to discuss lead generation, specifically the “New” Soc…

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