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Jamie knows SEO and has the knowledge, network, and tool belt to effectively assist anyone who needs their website to climb the ranks of Google. All I can say is that you would be doing your business a disservice if you didn’t hire him for your Search Engine Optimization needs.

Devin Schumacher

Jamie, and his firm Virtual Explosion, are experts in the field of SEO, digital marketing, and driving traffic to businesses. After just a few short weeks working with Jamie on a few ranking campaigns we were already surpassing our expectations. He is cutting edge with his information, efficient in delivery, and most importantly he gets results. Very happy to have had Jamie’s help, and look forward to working together again in the future.

Cheryl VanOrnum

Search Engine Optimization | Internet Marketing | Online Sales Funnels | Branding Consultant
Jamie knows what he’s doing when it comes to SEO. His knowledge and stellar follow through will help explode your business to the next level. I *highly* recommend his services!

Lisa Cintron

I can’t thank Jamie enough, he and the rest of the Mastermind Group have shared many advanced techniques and have been very supportive. I am so fortunate to be a part of this SEO Mastermind Group.They stay on top of the frequent changes that Google makes in their algorithm and because of their constant testing, we are able to stay 6 months ahead of the curve. If you are in need of SEO Services, look no further, they don’t get any better than Jamie Morris @http://www.VirtualExplosion.com

Patsy Wilson

Jamie helped me tremendously when I was starting my business. His expertise, skills, and knowledge helped me get to where I needed to be. His knowledge that he shared with me certainly help to get to the top of my profession. I would definitely recommend Jamie for a company that wants more customers. He helps them dominate Google by showing up at the top!

Matthew Kellogg

Jamie’s knowledge of SEO and the execution of his strategies have proven time and time again to transform businesses. His ability to rank sites on page 1 of Google in an organic, natural way gives anyone who works with him an incredible advantage over their competition.

Karen Ashby-Thomas

If you’re looking to increase the traffic coming into your business for your website and increase revenue, then I highly recommend Jamie. I’ve seen Jamie rank pages and he definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes to search engine optimization!

Sahil Duggal

Jamie is great at SEO and Digital Marketing, he explains the strategy in a way anyone can understand and then delivers exactly as promised! He is a true professional at branding and building a win-win situation.

Jessica Robinson

Jamie has expertise few in his field possess. He is extremely effective when it comes to ranking websites in the search engines. I highly recommend working with him if you’re looking to accelerate your business’ online presence in the marketplace.

Simon Stafferton

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jamie on a number of projects now. Among his many attributes, I really admire his ability to make handling complex ranking challenges seem like a walk in the park. In the world of digital marketing and SEO, there are many wannabees, and then there are the few true professionals. Jamie is clearly in the professional category.

I look forward to being able to work with him again in future, and highly recommend Jamie to any website owner looking to beat their competition hands down!

Mitchell Gaskey

Jamie’s work on our sites has driven more customers to our business than ever before. We were skeptical of search engine marketing before we worked with Jamie, but he quickly converted us. He was professional and I’d highly recommend his services.

Mimi Nguyen

Jamie has an incredible amount of SEO knowledge and expertise. I can’t say enough in regards to what it meant to work with Jamie. Jamie is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and can absolutely take your business to the next level!

Joevren Curmi

I have found Jamie to be highly motivated and very personable in all business transactions we have collaborated on. I would recommend Jamie as someone you can trust and I feel he brings a great deal of the right stuff to any project. Highly recommended.

Donna Wright

Does Your Website Need More Customers? Let Me Show You How PROFITABLE SEO Can Be.
When it comes to SEO, Jamie is a true talent. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has the team to get the job done better than anyone else. He demonstrates a great combination of skills and commitment, delivering extraordinary results. He strives to constantly improve his SEO practices and strategies in order to deliver the best results for his clients in the shortest amount of time possible. Working with him was fun and productive. I strongly recommend Jamie’s services to anyone who needs an expert for search engine marketing.

Elizabeth Engen

Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Jamie. His systematic, highly effective approach to SEO is what gives him the option to pick and choose which clients he works with. Don’t hold back, give him all of the information he asks for, and as you rise to the top of the search results, your profits will double, then more than likely triple.

Steven Bourgeois

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Thanks again Jamie for the outstanding services provided. I am more than happy with this new technique learned with you and can’t wait to work again together for the new project this summer.

Bruce Paulson

Jamie is one of my favorite SEO’s to work with. He’s incredibly easy to get along with and produces consistent, high-quality professional results that leave my clients happy. Glad to recommend and look forward to the next time we get to work together.

Karan Johnson

Are you worried about the ROI for your digital marketing campaign?
Jamie is the person you need to work with if you’re looking to take your business to the next level using SEO. He’s extremely knowledgeable and meticulous about applying cutting edge techniques to give his clients the advantage over their competitors. Jamie is a true SEO expert and he’s also a great guy to work with.

Leigh Killingbeck

Jamie Morris is exceptional when it comes to SEO marketing. He knows the industry inside and out and cuts through the debris with unadorned honesty. He is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.

Matthew Imgrund

Jamie is truly an innovator in online marketing. His level of understanding of search engines is above and beyond the average SEO experts. I would proudly recommend Jamie and his marketing agency to anyone who wants to dominate their market place. Don’t wait, jump on the train of your future.

Valerie Kauahi

Jamie’s upbeat personality is infectious. Combined with his knowledge on search engine optimization, you can only win! The way he optimizes websites for a natural best ranking in search engines show his excellence. His specialty is to get his clients to best rankings.

Robert Duenner

I have never seen anyone that cared so much about his clients rankings, until I met Jamie. He will literally dominate any keyword out there on Google. He has helped my rankings so much as well, and is a magician with SEO. Hire him and get his SEO skills on your side because Jamie definitely knows what he is doing.

Jesús A. Bolloque Mencía

“Jamie is an online mover and shaker, it is flat out amazing, his in-depth knowledge and all out massive action. WOW! If your looking to dominate your local niche, look no further. Jamie is the man to get you there, he comes highly recommended.”

Jake Moore

Jamie is on the cutting edge of SEO and internet marketing. He knows how to get sites ranked on page 1 of Google and capture new business for you that you would not have had otherwise. He was great to work with and brought passion and hard work every day. I would not hesitate to work with him again. Thanks Jamie!

Faisal Uraizee

Jamie is a stellar SEO. He utilizes only the very best and proven SEO techniques to reposition your business in google’s search results to a more favorable location ie, page one. If you want results, you need to get in contact with Jamie. It could mean the all the difference in the success of your business.

Michael J. Kiriazis

Jamie never stops impressing with his ever growing knowledge of SEO. Virtual Explosion will drive your site right up the rankings on Google while bringing you more business than you ever could’ve imagined. Not to mention his unparalleled care for his clients, which makes this is an A+ investment.

Robb Lejuwaan

Jamie is smart and extremely effective when it comes to ranking websites in the search engines. He uses a unique approach with his clients and he brings his passion to every client he works with. If you need help growing your online business contact Jamie. You won’t be disappointed.

Jomari Ocampo

I had the great opportunity to work with Jamie and he is incredible. He definitely knows his stuff. He is very professional and takes care of everyone he works with. I highly recommend him for your SEO and Online Marketing needs.

Ger Giffney

Jamie is probably one of the best SEOs that I’ve ever come across. I love working along side him, he has such dedication to getting results and he’s a very easy guy to get along with. Not only did he helped me get my website on page 1 for multiple keywords, he also taught me how to do that so I can keep repeating the process and stay on top of my competition.

Alana Burkin

Jamie is very knowledgeable with SEO, having seen what he can do with digital marketing his SEO services are second to none. Jamie is able to increase the traffic to your website tremendously bringing you more customers.

James Westura

Jamie can do incredible things for your business with his SEO expertise and resources! I was not sure at first if the investment (not cheap) would be worth it, but now I am really glad I made the decision to go for it. He has an intimate knowledge of just how SEO works. I highly recommend that you work with Jamie if you get the opportunity!

Rogelio Cortez

Incredible work ethic on behalf of Jamie, truly happy I worked with him on my latest project. For far too long I have seen others state that they are the “experts in their chosen field” but don’t be fooled once you see how Jamie handles his business you will notice the difference right away, you will not be disappointed.

Khaled Soliman

There is a lot I can say about Jamie but to sum it all up, he is an extraordinary digital marketer that harnesses raw expertise that can take any business to new heights. He never fails to get an ROI and there are very few experts in this industry that even come close to him. He has my highest recommendation to any business that is serious about boosting online exposure and increasing revenue!

Thanga Kumar

Jamie is a brilliant Search Engine Optimization expert. He is very good at ranking business for competitive keywords easily. I have seen many business benefited with his rare SEO skills. He is very helpful too. I highly recommend him.

Gregory Brooks

Jamie is a hard worker who spent a lot of time helping to walk me through some difficult decisions at the beginning of our engagement. I always felt comfortable and Jamie really wound up delivering beyond what I hoped for. It’s great to know that consistent visitors will be on the site each and every day.

Lue Hang

I see Jamie Morris and his company as a valuable business asset. We’ve tackled a few projects together and he’s always on the spot. Point-blank, this guy is great to work with – on the job and off. “Results” is what I think of when it comes to him. If you want to maximize your business revenue, I recommend giving Jamie a call.

Tom Recher

What Jamie has done with Virtual Explosion is he’s built an SEO agency that does exactly what you need in today’s competitive business environment, produce results. Contact Jamie for a professional refreshing take on generating new leads for your business.

Oliver Kuerrer

Jamie is absolutely killing it with SEO. He has lot of experience and uses all of the cutting edge SEO techniques to deliver the best results possible. I can highly recommend him.

Brad Montgomery

Jamie Morris is excellent at SEO. He stands apart from the crowd because of his deep understanding of how search engines work. If you are lucky enough to get the chance to work with Jamie, I strongly recommend you pounce on the opportunity. You’ll be glad you did.

Mustafa Dabbagh

Jamie is the search engine optimization expert. He will help catapult your sales and turn your business into a profit producing engine. If you are looking to increase revenue, the best way is by getting to the top of page one on google. And Jamie will get you there. Highly recommended.

Chris Collins

As I remember, Jamie Morris was a very productive person. Working with Jamie I found him as a person with great knowledge and deep recognition of modern business solutions. Motivated, wise, careful and reliable Independent strategist. His knowledge is vast and thorough. I enjoyed working with him on the various projects we took on.

Kantanan Garfield

It is my pleasure to work with Jamie. Every single time I reach out to him, I always learn new internet marketing techniques. It’s great to work with someone that is so knowledgeable and loves what he’s doing. Highly recommend if you need his help for SEO needs.

Humberto Fernandes

Jamie is the man you want backing you to deliver the best results in SEO, with his expert know-how, he will get your sites ranking number 1 in google and get traffic flowing through them to get your company profiting. This is a man who knows what he’s talking about!

Bryn van Nuissenburg

Look, Jamie is solid. He’s a smart, hard worker, and dedicated to your success. I think he secretly gets a kick, every single time he guides one of his clients to the number 1 spot in Google. Once again, ROCK, SOLID.

David Nguyen

Jamie really knows SEO and especially getting results you can see, ,and that is being on the first page. His experience and proven success from others clearly shows that he’s your guy when it comes to getting to the top ranking.

Stephen Lynn

If you are looking for someone who will do more than take care of marketing your business online, don’t go past Jamie R. Morris, I’ve seen him in action and he is a true expert!

Joshua Hudson

Jamie Morris is an unstoppable force in the world of SEO. He’s doing big things, and he has learned from the best in the industry. With insider secrets and the knowledge to move anyone up in the rankings of Google, I’m relieved that he isn’t one of my local competitors! I highly recommend.

Jeromie Rosa

If you’re looking to increase the traffic coming into your business for your website and increase revenue, then I highly recommend Jamie. I’ve seen Jamie rank pages and he definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes to search engine optimization.

Manuel Gomez

Just Do It!! You know that you need to be at the top of a google search result; when someone is looking for your services, and Jamie is definitely an SEO Expert. Virtual Explosion gets results where others have failed, that’s why they have become the Top SEO Firm in all of Southwest Florida. Spend the money, you won’t be disappointed.